Day 326

Nothing like starting your week by waking up with giant bug-bite-welts all over your legs (thanks to a weekend in the Great Thai Outdoors) + briefly contemplating what the rest of the year would be like if an amputation were in order! The swelling has gone down, I think I’ll leave Asia with all limbs…

Day 325

A big group of us took several vans + trucks to three cafes – one of which was in a humongous banyan tree – and then explore a small village getting lots of attention from ecotourists, and then about 15 of us all piled into a room to get a Thai massage together which, you…

Day 324

A 2-hour trip to see beautiful temples turned into a 2-hour trip to see mediocre temples and spontaneously deciding to go on a 2-hour hike with a local to walk through the jungle + see waterfalls, terraced farming, WATER BUFFALOES, and finishing by tasting the coffee made with the beans being grown a few hundred…

Day 323

What’s a Friday without a foot massage, fun new Thai pants, and cleaning out your friend’s leftover food (sweet, sweet kraft mac + cheese) before she leaves Remote Year?

Day 322

When we say “food truck crawl” what we really mean is, stop at the first food cart we see, stay there, get a huge order of fries, and then wander to the small market to get a fruit smoothie because you just ate your weight in fried potatoes.

Day 321

As it turns out, there’s this thing called “budgeting” where you give yourself a set amount of money to spend in a day and when that money is gone you have to stop spending, which helps to make you much more aware of your spending habits and protects you from buying 4 coffees in a…

Day 320

As part of a track event, a group of us went to a Muay Thai gym this morning and learned the 10 basic moves, drilled them a lot, watched some sparring, and then practiced with the trainers and it was SO much fun and I knew in the moment that I would be sore for…

Day 319

After a very productive and generally delightful weekend, I was happy to spend today relaxing on a bus back to Chiang Mai and having a pretty standard afternoon/evening of working from home.

Day 318

I took a bus 3 hours northeast to Chiang Rai with a lovely gaggle of gals + saw my first Buddhist temples of Thailand (big fan), the “Black Houses” which are some combination of art + paganism (confusing but okay), and visited the best night bazaar I’ve been to all year where I had an…

Day 317

I spent my whole day with three elephants and about nine other humans and watching these elephants learn how to be happy elephants after a past of abuse, torture, and fear made for THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Day 316

Following cheap pad see ew + ice cream with my first-ever Thai massage was a daring choice I made, but ultimately an excellent one.

Day 315

The biggest risk of being in Thailand is knowing that mosquitos like to be around toilets so every trip to the bathroom becomes very stressful as you just pray that they don’t end up where they don’t belong.