Day 57

It only took me 4 weeks in Bogota to make it to a spin class and while headbanging on a bike will always be a favored pastime for me, it most certainly made me miss Bike 13 at 101 Federal.

Day 56

I roamed through Suesca, saw amazing views, walked across a river on a shoddy 8-inch wide “bridge”, climbed over barbed wire fences, frolicked through fields, bonded with the wildlife (dogs, cows, donkeys), climbed through caves and ultimately fell into cave water but it’s COOL.

Day 55

I may be one of the youngest in Meraki but I simply cannot match the energy/drinking abilities of some of the more seasoned travelers in this group #soloaguaporfavor

Day 54

A very quiet, rainy day turned into a very colorful, loud, carnival-celebrating night (beware aguardiente).

Day 53

Turns out it’s entirely possible to still just have shit days even when you’re in a cool new place with a pretty bike and a tasty salad and bread pudding for dessert and a pedicure and you’re getting ready to go to (what I’ve heard is) an even cooler place.

Day 52

I don’t get homesick about a lot (I work from a bean bag and I had two lunches today, one from a place called Crepes and Waffles, so I don’t have much to complain about, ya feel me?) but right now I’m gonna be real lame and real basic and tell you that I miss…

Day 51

Hm. Welp, this hasn’t gone so well, seeing as we’re making a 2-week jump in days. Every day I think “I’m so far behind in the blog” and that is DAUNTING to go up against in day-by-day posts! So here’s a quick update on the last two weeks and fingers crossed I’ll get it together moving forward….

Day 38

Being sick while on Remote Year looks like holding your head in your hands all day and ordering soup for lunch and sounds a lot like disrupting a very serious film about Colombia’s conflict with loud coughs every 4 minutes (or that awkward puff through your nose you do when you’re trying so hard to…

Day 37

One thing I miss about Boston is my beautiful, not-crowded gym with an abundance of shampoo, conditioner, and towels and a total lack of meatheads checking themselves out in the mirror while they lift.

Day 36

My favorite day of the year so far included: a small bus with a wild driver dropping a group of 6 of us on the side of the road, a long walk to a trail along which we met three dogs, a hike that took us to two waterfalls (one of which is the largest…

Day 35

Two forms of transportation I hadn’t used in far too long before today: bikes to see the people and buildings (even though I apparently almost got snatched off my bike – don’t worry, all good…) + cable cars to see the glowing street networks at sunset.

Day 34

Not all coffee shops are created equal, not all of Latin America knows truly spicy food, and not every restaurant-bar can be the compound that is Andres Carne de Res.