Day 143

Things I will not miss about this month: ATM lines, grocery store lines, cash for everything, poor wifi, people wearing giant GAP logo sweatshirts (have yet to see a single Gap store here…) and crocs, gyms that all appear to be in violation of some kind of building and/or sanitation code, the little knob on the cabinet above the sink that always falls off, a refrigerator whose settings have never made a bit of sense and freeze everything (yes I have tried turning the temperature up, thanks for asking).

Things I will miss about this month: A perfect street grid, the cool view from the workspace, little produce shops and healthy food stores all over the place, the yoga studio with cushiony mats for savasana, the yoga studio with lavender-scented eye masks for savasana, an ice cream shop that actually has banana ice cream, a maximum 10-minute walk to get just about anywhere, the nice baristas at Festo, the fruit salad at Festo, living with K.Vogelbacker.


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