Days 164-180

Holy hell, this is by far my biggest lapse in posting and while I could go back and write something for every single day between two Kick It classes ago and now, no one wants that many email notifications and honestly who really cares.

“erin you’ll regret that when you finish this year.”

doubtful, and mind your own beeswax.

What has happened in the last twoish weeks? Well:

  • I went to MALBA (a fantastic Latin American art museum) twice – one as a track event, and one with Chris
  • Oh right, Chris came to visit! He was here for 10 days. It was great and busy and relaxed and challenging and fun and sad and happy and long and over too soon. We watched horses, we rode horses, we ate a ton, we exercised none (well, I exercised none, he took my class), we drank a lot of wine, we walked all over, we took the subway, we took a cooking class, we took a street art walking tour, we listened to Random Access Memories in the total dark and I bawled my eyes out (charming.), we went to the Meraki Buenos Aires/South America farewell pool party where I GOT A NEW TATTOO, we walked through San Telmo on a Sunday, wandered into a huge Boca Juniors victory celebration downtown, and we devised a very politically incorrect comedy hypothetically created by Kumail Nanjiani and Judd Apatow.

Since his departure on Tuesday I have:

  • Attended two spin classes
  • Eaten at Chori twice in 36 hours, thought I was a fan of eggplant, and it turned out I was really just a fan of breaded and fried cheese (no surprise there)
  • Worked and had a very productive, exciting review
  • Had a glass of rose at exactly 5pm on the final evening in BA (aka rn)
  • Packed…mostly.
  • Watched so much Gilmore Girls. What is Rory doing!? Get her back to Yale.

Okay now that that’s all over with I’ll work on being better. Tomorrow + Sunday = transition weekend and I am so. excited. to sit on my butt and watch movies…and to get to Europe.

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