Day 210

At our Prague farewell event, the skies opened and it poured, and I had a weird omelette with only peas in it, and the Meraki band played Wagon Wheel, and I’ll never hear it the same ever again.

Day 209

If I had to put a percentage on how much of my time in any given month is spent playing tourist or even attempting to play tourist vs. not caring a whole lot about getting to every castle and museum and free walking tour and instead just enjoying the vague normalcy of living in a…

Day 208

I started my day with a track event partially about beekeeping and partially about a military citadel (where’s the connection? still looking for it), enjoyed a delicious Thai red curry lunch at our workspace and wondered how I will continue without an in-house chef to offer 3 hot lunches every day, homemade yogurt with chia…

Day 207

By all accounts, today was a very normal day with very little of interest going on – gym twice, work, making food at home, just the normal stuff.

Day 206

“This is my last Sunday in Prague! I’m going to explore!” quickly turned into going to the gym, going grocery shopping, wandering to h+m, meeting friends for dinner, and finally checking out this beer garden on a hill with an amazing view which is still taking advantage of the city and the scenery so it…

Day 205

Despite being out until 3am the night before, I was up at 8 to go on an 11k run with a handful of Merakis and our city manager Tereza, which I then followed with an entire day lounging at the pool, stuffing my face with Thai food, and going to bed before 11pm because I…

Day 204

My normal day of Mexican food for lunch with a friend was interrupted by a text saying “Want to go to this weird thing tonight? I don’t have any details but we’re going at midnight”, so of course I went, none of us were really into it, and we left to go not to the…

Day 203

A very rainy day can be made better with dinosaur-shaped snacks, a chat with a potential new roommate in Boston, and a video call wherein you and your boo book a long weekend trip to Paris!

Day 202

Went on a tour to learn more about statues in the city, specifically on the Charles Bridge, and not only learned about the subtle messages carved into stone but also that wearing a backpack on a 90-degree day is unwise and will lead to people with sweaty backs saying they’re “pulling a Bozarth”.

Day 201

In a city like Prague with its throngs of summertime tourists, even when you actively seek out the hidden, quaint cafes, you still get enormous Spanish-speaking tour groups coming in for a brief respite from the sun.

Day 200

I started trying to do this as one sentence and it was a disaster. In a timeline full of nostalgic posts, loving photos, long recaps of incredible memories and excitement for what’s to come… After a weekend of loving being on my own and feeling like I actually live in a place that actually gets…

Day 199

I considered running in the morning to justify bringing my sneakers but instead did not do that at all and went to go get coffee and go to work, hustled for a few hours, grabbed a very late lunch before my train, got an iced latte and chocolate croissant to properly eat my feelings, and…