Day 200

I started trying to do this as one sentence and it was a disaster.

In a timeline full of nostalgic posts, loving photos, long recaps of incredible memories and excitement for what’s to come…
After a weekend of loving being on my own and feeling like I actually live in a place that actually gets me and who I am and what I stand for and what I love (I’ve only ever known one other place to do that and it is a windy, hilly city on a small island)…
After knowing what it feels like to choose a place to go to and instantly feel like you belong there and desperately want to stay, as opposed to feeling like you don’t have much control over where you are or for how long, and what the overall vibe of the group will be…
Having just felt what it’s like to settle into normal – normal workspace, normal walk to work, normal neighborhood with families all around – in a place that is not the US…

The spark is fading and I’m not quite sure how to revive it or if I should just let it do its thing as I ride this thing out.



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