Day 300*

KL is filled with many cultures + many blank walls + many cuisines + many dead-end sidewalks or sidewalks with enormous holes in them + many lovely people + many well-maintained bits of automobile infrastructure + many beautiful mosques + many billboards + many air-conditioned malls + many entirely sidewalk-less streets. (The ultimate poop sandwich…

Day 299*

Mondays are less monday-y when you embrace the art of the nap + the blatant mismatch of Asian foods (sushi + kimchi) for dinner.   * According to, today is only Day 296 of this year. I messed up somehow. I need us all to just go with it.

Day 298

You ever have a masseuse burp while she’s giving you a facial?

Day 297

I started my day with a yoga class in my neighborhood, followed that with a savory waffle (which is both the reason why I need a waffle maker and the reason a waffle maker would be my downfall), the Islamic Art Museum (equal parts violent flashbacks to AP World History and amazement with where I’m…

Day 296

I went into KLCC for lunch with the loveliest Steph and Lily, which of course happened in a mall, but I finally got to see/walk through the Petronas Twin Towers and it felt just like another mall – good job, KL.

Day 295

I dropped off all of my laundry to get washed and folded, blacked out, and woke up with a bag of recently purchased goods from Lululemon…the weirdest thing. picture: glorious pedestrian infrastructure of Bangsar, where I’m living this month.

Day 294

I couldn’t celebrate Diwali/Deepavali with the RY group because of work, but instead I ordered a whole bunch of Indian food (I know it’s not good for you but we NEED to be using more ghee at home…) to my workspace + watched fireworks from my desk so it wasn’t all bad.

Day 293

Don’t worry guys, I found the spin studio here (and it happens to be attached to an excellent cafe, so see ya never).

Day 292

I am not a yoga fiend and I probably never will be, but I’ll never get over being part of a workspace that has sunset yoga every Monday.

Day 291

I lit a candle for Molly for the Wave of Light, I FaceTimed with Owen who named the gecko running around my house Biscuit Dooty (yep, like poop), I started to get all kinds of post-RY money stuff sorted (DEAR PREMOTES: THIS YEAR IS NOT CHEAP) and one of the 2 Dope Queens (my favorite podcast…

Day 290

I have had at least one slice of carrot cake in each place we’ve been, and today I had the very best carrot cake of them ALL in a bustling cafe in Bangsar (and I embarrassingly told this to the girl who took my plate away and she was basically like “K.”). (I ate the…

Day 289

The freakiest thing about my Friday the 13th was the fact that I was the last one in the workspace, eating sushi and taking a 10:30pm call, plus how many Uber drivers canceled on me when I was leaving work at midnight.