Day 281

“I’ve been getting tons of questions about what my work life is like in Asia…” – the way social media influencers frame any topic they kind of want to talk about.

“I think my mom recently asked me what my work life is like in Asia…” – the truth.

I wake up at about 9, waste about 30 minutes reading texts/watching Instagram stories/checking slack for any recent workspace/apartment catastrophes that I don’t have to deal with at the moment, get to the gym by 10, leave by 11:30, eat a large bowl of yogurt/PB/fruit/“branberry” cereal (I was tricked into thinking this was tasty granola but it’s literally raisin bran), shower, either go to a nearby cafe for coffee or watch an episode of something at home, and by 3pm I am at my workspace digging into emails + things to do, everyone working around me is usually out by 7 so then I pretty much just work on my own until somewhere between 10-12 when I go home and either keep working in the comfort of my bed or go to sleep by 2am, and that’s pretty much how it works…and I’m a big fan of it all, aside from not communicating with people at home as much as normal.


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