Day 334

Taking a break from “what erin’s eating” (my sincerest apologies) I want to share a bit of real talk: I am starting to pa-haaaniiiic about returning to post-RY life.

All year long I’ve been very “everything will be fine!”, very “la dee da”, if you will. And I am a human being capable of logical thought and so I’m sure that everything will be fine.

But then this happens:
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.50.05 PM.png

More “what if”s than my brain can even handle, touching on everything from my relationship to my dog that I have not yet adopted to my living room (you know, in the apartment we don’t even have keys for yet) to how I will even continue to work if I can’t put my feet up.

I won’t get too deep into this, I just wanted to take a break from our regular programming – OKAY FINE I had pad thai with blue noodles for dinner – to show that about a month out from the end, I’m pretty much constantly facing an internal battle between I’m Tired and How Do People Have This Much Energy Still, Oh My God Don’t Let This End, and I Can’t Wait To Meal Prep Again. Pure carnage.


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