Day 348

Zoe has gastritis and is feeling like garbage but she came to the workspace tonight and cooked us all dinner because she said she would. A huge group of people showed up to the workspace for happy hour a little bit drunk after their sake tasting track and we all took turns stealing Alex Vanston’s pasta (he left it sitting for like 30 minutes, I don’t know what he expected). Stephen asked him if I could teach him how to Dougie (it would be an honor). I got invited to go watch Christmas movies and to go bowling. Steph made me try on a hat and we wondered why, of all the hats in Thailand, Colton bought a hat with the Starbucks logo on it. I watched Matty crack himself up over the geisha Snapchat filter. And these collections of moments are what make post-RY life just devastating (because it’s definitely not a lack of immigration officers or getting my toiletries taken away by the TSA agents of the world).

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