Day 349

We have a #mentalhealth channel on Slack that has become my favorite place in the Remote Nation. People from all of the programs join, ask for help or opinions, share good tips or articles, and it is one of those spaces that’s somewhat anonymous but still warm and welcoming because you know you’re sharing an incredible and weird experience with all of these people and it is not a place for judgment. Sometimes, a Kaizen named Kimberly poses questions for the channel that make you reflect on something in your life. Some people choose to respond, many don’t, but it makes you think a little bit and gives you some perspective.

Not so long ago, she asked “What are you saying ‘no’ to this week? What are you saying ‘yes’ to?” And I love this question, and I think of it regularly.

Today, I said “yes” to trying something new, which was making sushi. And I said “no” to feeling like a potato and I finally got to beefy meaty Gold’s Gym for their 2-week “trial” (suckers.) because after 349 days I know that staying active is absolutely key to having a positive headspace, especially with so many uncertainties and changes in my very near holy shit future.

**holla holla for learning things about yourself on Remote Year**

Decent chance these last couple weeks will be more on the emotional/angsty/sentimental side. Buckle up.

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