For the entirety of 2017 I’m going to be taking part in a program called Remote Year, which facilitates my working remotely by providing me, and 80 other people, places to live and work in 12 different cities across 10 different countries around the world.

“Your company is letting you do that?” Yep.

“Why?” Because I, and they, like taking risks. And are generally very cool.

“Where’s first?!?!” Mexico City.

“How are you feeling????” How would you feel if you were about to pack up your life into a 120L bag for a year, with 80 people you don’t know but are bound to be moderately cool and fun? Right, that.

“Are you keeping a blog? Or  a vlog? Are you making a special instagram?” Kind of (hi, here we are); absolutely not; I can barely maintain one instagram account, so nah.

So right, this blog. I am perfectly capable of rambling for paragraphs and paragraphs but no one wants to read that. I don’t even want to read that. So my goal is to write one sentence a day to keep my mom happy (I know), and so I have something to look back on after blacking out for an entire year (not because of drinking, guys be cool, just because I think this will be a year of blinding shock and “what’s happening”).

Okay cool see you guys out there.

“It’s been eight months since you’ve updated this.”

No I mean you’re right. So, eight months in, here‘s what I’ve got to say about Remote Year.