Day 314

We had a Remote Year event today where people from a couple different organizations came in and talked about the issue of people – especially young boys – being exploited for work + sex here in Chiang Mai, but also all over Southeast Asia. It shed a light on a topic that usually exists in…

Day 313

All good things: sweating, getting around Hulu VPN rules, eggs + a delicious coconut sesame banana smoothie for linner, having a whole group of people to work with until 12am and walk home with you, oh and signing a lease! Hello again, 02143!

Day 312

Different city, same gym + yogurt/granola bowl in the morning.

Day 311

The good thing about Chiang Mai is that it’s much more walkable than KL, there are heaps of great coffee places, and it’s so much cheaper than any place we’ve been since Latin America. The bad thing about Chiang Mai is that durian still exists here.

Day 310

We were welcomed to Chiang Mai by the huge Yi Peng lantern festival, which featured a never-ending parade and hundreds of lanterns peacefully floating into the air oftentimes going rogue and setting trees on fire, making for a totally….unforgettable foray into Thailand.

Day 309

Life at the end of the month = buying more Starbucks tea than you want because you need the wifi code at the bottom of the receipt to get internet to order yourself an Uber + being forced to eat the “King of Fruits” before you leave the country and almost crying your way through…

Day 308

Big ups to Vivien at the Japan Travel Board at Isetan in the Petronas Towers for making sense of Japan’s rail system, and to Steph for not judging me for finishing my bowl of noodles before she had barely started her lunch.

Day 307

Halloween is always the worst, that is fact, it is a global truth, I can now speak from experience. (I couldn’t sleep all night and then had to deal with incompetent people all day and yeah, it’s still true, Halloween is just the worst.)

Day 306

Pieced my day together with three productive workouts, ended my day waiting 45 minutes for an Uber and then being a bit snippy with my driver, sorry universe. #namastay

Day 305

I started my day by FaceTiming with one of my very favorite people from college who I hadn’t talked to in far too long which was delightful, Indian brunch with The Danes, and finally getting to that KL City Gallery which was kiiiind of informative (lots of gaps in the story…) and very entertaining thanks…

Day 304

Maya and I were supposed to go to the KL City Gallery to learn more about the origins + development of the city (#planningnerdsunite) but that didn’t work out so it became a veeerryy relaxed day.

Day 303

The Danes had friends over for “a totally Danish meal” of tuna + sour cream (or for us, greek yogurt) + veggies in a pita pocket and I went “oh, so like, a sandwich” and it was a very nice and chill and tasty night.