Day 251

You know that movie Inside Out, where there are all of the little characters/emotions living inside Riley’s head and they all kind of compete to be the dominant emotion and that dictates Riley’s moods? Well (second sentence!?), that is Remote Year with 105 days left, but instead of all of those characters just being in…

Day 250

What started as one of my not-great-days (despite a lovely breakfast with a human rainbow) was rounded out with a video chat with a fellow travel-loving urbanist who had seen my Remote Profile and wanted to know what it was like to work remotely as a planner, and a last-minute opening at a wine pairing dinner…

Day 249

Miraculously, this month I did not save all of my cultural activities for the last week and I went to an old silk exchange, a cathedral, a modern art museum, and the true quintessential Valencian experience of having amazing tapas + wine for lunch, all of which was followed by a big old Meraki game…

Day 248

Only kind of got lost on the way to ~the birthplace of paella~, but it was entirely worth it when I housed half a pan of veggie paella and some sangria, and then went on a weird boat tour that just pointed out some ducks (it was only 4 euro, don’t worry).

Day 247

I would like it if I could always cap off the week with a free concert at a huge cultural complex designed by Santiago Calatrava, then a few tacos and a bike ride home.

Day 246

Started the day with brunch with friends, worked from home (I really enjoy working from the living room of my Airbnb because there’s a small balcony that opens up to the living room so I get lots of natural light and fresh air), felt very lazy so I said I’d go for a walk and…

Day 245

In theory the main bad thing about opting out is not having access to the workspace, but when you have friends who also aren’t working from there who open up their home to you, then get lunch with you and mid-afternoon horchata + churros with you, the lack of workspace is really quite fine.

Day 244

I went for a run and I really didn’t enjoy it, so on the way home I popped into my favorite (designed) market for cold brew with ice cubes made of coffee (!!).

Day 243

Worked from a cafe all day + enjoyed the ability to go for a nice leisurely bike ride through the river park before finding an Aldi (heeyyy cheap groceries in an expensive country) and heading home.

Day 242

Rented a bike, explored a park that used to be a river, went to orientation, saw the City of Arts and Sciences again, 12 years after I first saw it on a cruise with my family.

Day 241

Today was my only day in Copenhagen to kind of check things off the list – I wanted to rent a bike (nope), I wanted to walk to the top of the stair-less tower (nope, way too crowded), I wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens (yeah, did that), and I wanted to see Sweden,…

Day 240

On the 3rd and final day of the Gehl Master Class, I met Jan Gehl himself, I met couple other lovely Gehl employees, I saw a Danish rap battle, I saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset while taking turns venting about cities + urban design projects with a fellow disgruntled urbanist, and I ate dim sum…