Post-RY Day 30

We should probably talk about the elephant in the room (or in the Elephant Nature Park – aw, remember that?).

I completely fell off the face of this highly trafficked very important blog for the last 6 weeks, which includes my last 2 weeks of Remote Year. Like a punk.

I had every intention of documenting the minutia of my final days with Meraki, sharing the adorable moments of us being adorable and obnoxious and obsessed with each other, but instead of documenting it I guess I just did it.

I ate with them, I laughed with them, I most certainly cried with them, I probably Irish-goodbyed a few people, and I heard a lot of Despacito and I loved it.

We went to Mount Fuji for New Years Eve, I got claustrophobic and overwhelmed and I actually played darts. Pretty major stuff. I took a bus to Tokyo, a train to Osaka, a plane to Seoul (best airport award), a plane to LAX, and a plane to Mexico City, and I arrived back in Boston a month ago today.

So, what’s that been like? What have you been doing?

  • weird
  • good
  • a major leap back into work (traveling more frequently than I ever did last year) + happily being reunited with everyone I work with
  • a major trap-music-filled dive back into working out regularly
  • trying to apply friend-making skills from RY into life here
  • trying to apply spontaneous-city-exploring skills from RY into life here
  • missing everyone to pieces but being so thrilled that no one has let up in communication. that Meraki OGFY whatsapp is still poppin.

Sorry for not properly wrapping this whole thing up. I wrote a very adorable and emotional and kind proper farewell to RY on my flight from Osaka to LA when they didn’t have me marked as vegetarian so for dinner they gave me bread + cake (I mean…) and all of the movies were shit so I chose to spend my time pitying myself. But I did that on my phone and then started using a brand new non-Apple phone, and I don’t know where any of my old iPhone chargers are, so that’s just gonna live on that phone indefinitely.

What I can safely say is that, while I went through a lot of amazing highs, a lot of pretty normal days, and a lot of deep deep lows, Month 12 makes everything worth it. I’ve never felt so excited to see people all the time, so attached to such a big group of people, so nostalgic for the present, as I did through all of December 2017.

I’ll post that note another time.
I already can’t wait to see everyone for NY Tracks Weekend in 3 weeks, maybe in Chicago in 4 weeks, and somewhere else soon after all of that (I hope).

UGH. No words. No words.

And since I can’t properly use words, here’s a picture of Vanston translating an entire TV settings screen using Google Translate.

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  1. So happy to see this, as is everyone else no doubt. Kudos to living a most excellent year of adventure.


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