Day 149

After much hustle back and forth between Palermo Soho (where I live) and Palermo Hollywood (where other people live, where the workspaces are) I decided to teach on the roof of our apartment/hotel (it used to be a hotel, is now being renovated into a bunch of studios and 1BRs) which, at 7pm in June…

Day 148

Not all workspaces can be Publico, not all spin studios can be Síclo, and not all cities can have a normal amount of ATMs (apparently), but the bright side is that I’m finding inspiration everywhere, like mimicking a wine opener for Kick It classes (kidding, except jumping jacks).

Day 147

Basically spent the entire day minus a few hours reuniting with my Mexican love Paulina, between coffee + wandering + grocery shopping + delicious Vietnamese food for dinner – one common theme: BA still doesn’t know what to do with credit cards and I’m UNABLE to deal with the #soloefectivo life.

Day 146

One of our very smoothest transition days yet, featuring a double-decker bus with giant cushy reclining seats, a group-written short story (you write a sentence and pass the iPad to someone else), and only a moderately sketchy rest-stop buffet for lunch.

Day 145

Did a fair amount of working, wandering, and dancing to Despacito on my very last day in Cordoba.

Day 144

I knew it was going to be a rough day when the people at Festo sold me a meaty quiche when I thought it was vegetarian and then I found out one of my favorite shows on Netflix is being canceled (RIP The Get Down), and the cherry on top was when I went to…

Day 143

Things I will not miss about this month: ATM lines, grocery store lines, cash for everything, poor wifi, people wearing giant GAP logo sweatshirts (have yet to see a single Gap store here…) and crocs, gyms that all appear to be in violation of some kind of building and/or sanitation code, the little knob on…

Day 142

The days that feel super productive for a variety of reasons (getting a lot of work done, planning ahead for Kick It classes, making good food, not eating an entire mixing bowl of popcorn again, sweating a bunch) are my very favorite. Now let’s all take a second to marvel at these crazy wide sidewalks with…

Day 141

Last Thursday I tried cleaning my ears with q-tips and effectively took my ability to hear down to about 30%, so the next day I called ISOS (who RY uses to get connected to doctors in each city) who set me up with a doctor appointment for today, and I’ll spare you the details but…

Day 140

I know I said something last month about the best way to spend a final Sunday in a given city, but sometimes that’s not going to be an option and by 5pm you realize you’ve spent most of the day horizontal watching Gilmore Girls.

Day 138

Another tasting menu tonight, this time later than I’ve ever had dinner before (10pm!? How do Argetines do this…) and with a delightful group of people and gifted to me as a birthday present from my boo, and this was also the first to have ever won me over with the second course.

Day 139

Hopped in a couple vans and headed… in an unknown direction…to the Sierras for Camp Meraki, where we spent the entire day hanging out, eating, standing as close to a fire as possible, eating more, playing music, playing games, learning how to eat the entire apple (YEP you heard me), seeing one of the most…